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hello beautiful,

i'm glad you're here

Living in today's world can be tough. There is often pressure to look a certain way, check certain boxes, or fill certain roles. But the brain and body that we have been given is also a fabulous, powerful, brilliant gift.


It Starts With Be is your place for REAL conversation. Think uncensored big, juicy, and deep topics - explored, debated, and celebrated.


 Dig deep and connect with the you hiding inside your beautiful exterior. Make friends with all corners of you, and prepare for the endless possibilities that are coming.


It Starts With Be is your place for soul searching, self-love, and inspiration - because by being absolutely in love with who you are, you invite those around you to do the same.


meet the woman behind the scenes


I'm a self-love junkie & passionate advocate for lazy Sundays in leggings.

If it wasn't for my 9-5 Monday-Friday activities, I might never wear real pants.


I believe that life is best served with a healthy amount of wine, chocolate, icecream & farm-fresh veggies.

I'm infinitely curious about humans - how we think, what moves us, why we make the choices we do. This usually plays out in people watching and reading piles of 'self-help' books.

I'm addicted to moving my body, hanging out on my yoga mat, and sending positive vibes into the world.

I'm on a mission to empower my fellow ladies to join me in being exactly who we want to be at any moment, free of judgement.

I believe spending more time falling in love with who we are will make this world a more loving place.



coach, writer, community builder for women

I always knew I wanted to help people. As a kid, I dreamed of being a vet, a doctor, and then a chiropractor. When I realized that wasn't it, I became a fundraiser. I was in an endless pursuit to feel soul-burning excitement for my career.

All of my chasing and self-discovery paid off and landed me at the heels of my real passion - I'm talking the kind that lights you up, makes you giddy, and makes work on a Sunday feel like play!

I became a certified life coach on a mission to help women fall in love with themselves. I work with women of all ages to design, conquer, and ROCK the life they've always dreamed of  by exploring, pushing, and loving all of who they are. And because I know that we don't always have extra dollars to spend, I work to deliver the materials you need for some DIY self-discovery work.

It Starts With Be is a safe community for women to connect as their true, beautiful selves. Our world is filled with expectations and pressures that pin us against each other. But in the truth of it all, we are all perfectly imperfect humans with our own stories, experiences, and thoughts. It Starts With Be aims to bring us together, in hopes of spreading that same love and connection into the world.

I hope you'll find yourself at home here. Please connect with me at any time.

xo Rebecca

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