To my fellow ladies:

Forget what our society has told you. Release your mind of what social media makes you believe you should have. Let go of the longing to be enough.

For every mean girl, jackass guy, or collection of people who made you believe there is something wrong with you, I offer you the truth.

You are perfect. Just as you are. Yes, you have flaws and imperfections. But th...

Clammy hands, heart beating a little faster, dry mouth…… and I volunteered for this???


I’m going to give a presentation to a room full of my peers, a room full of managers, who, for the most part, have been in this organization longer than I have been in work. But. I won’t let my nerves get the better of me. I’m only human, I am having those thoughts, “what if I trip over?”,...

What is it to be confident?

At its core, confidence is the outward appearance of internal courage.

It is finding the fire within yourself to face your fears; to step, dive or fall right into your discomfort. It is making the choice to move forward, while trusting that the universe will have your back.

To be confident is to make the bold decision to do that which scares you. It is to...

Fall is just around the corner! This season is my favourite, not just because of the perfect latte weather, beautiful leaves, and the cute outfits that can be worn sans-sweat-dripping-down-the-face, but also because its represents a time of change and transformation.  For the little ones, fall means back-to-school and fresh starts - new clothes, new friends, and new learning. But...

I recently celebrated my birthday; a turn of time which marked a pretty special year for me. This past year was a time of growth and the realization of what I believe I was uniquely put on this earth to accomplish. Coming into touch with who I am and what my gifts are made this year special, and leaves me with plenty of excitement as I move into the next year of my life.

In markin...

Do you know what you want? What your wildest goal and desire might be? Put it out into the world and watch how the world will begin to move and mix to bring things to life.

Now, I am not suggesting that the world will just magically produce every wish you’ve ever had. And it definitely won’t happen over night just because you said “I will…(insert wildest goal here)” Truth is, it t...

It becomes so easy to do what you are doing because it’s safe – because that’s what you’ve always done, and you aren’t sure what might happen if you do something different…especially as life progresses and you find yourself with responsibilities, financial obligations, and dependents.

This week, we are asking you to take 10 minutes to sit with yourself and listen to the voice insi...

We so often forget that our greatest strength is within ourselves.

When something challenges us, hurts us, or scares us, we most often look for external support. We asks our partners, our friends, our coaches, or complete strangers for advice and guidance. We cling to something or someone in hopes that their advice and strength will pull us through.

Yet, while that support can feel...

As we undergo growth, development, and change, we are constantly making decisions – choices that may influence the rest of our lives. As you embark down your path – career, spiritual, health, or otherwise – remember this brilliant piece of advice below.

With every decision we make, we should consider what the long-term implications are.

Is this change going to take me away from who...

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