It was only when I learned how to love myself unconditionally that I became capable of loving another.

I grew up hearing that "it is only when you love yourself that someone else can love you". I'm calling a bluff on that - and for all my single ladies out there who are wondering where their dream partner is, please don't believe that you haven't met them yet because of how you lo...

Just as we can be sure that the sun will awake us each day, we can be sure that we are deserving of love, respect, and beauty.

You deserve:

eye contact
smiles in the morning
food made with pure intention
clean drinking water, fresh air
Hello, Please, Thank You
time to think about it
a chance to show them what you’re made of
a second chance
an education
health care, including dental

We live in a world of social sharing and growing expectations.

We load ourselves with long to-do lists and hold ourselves at remarkably high standards.

And, we watch as the people we know share photos, stories, and posts about the awesome things happening in their lives.

And then, no matter how hard we try, we find ourselves feeling ‘not good enough.’

It is time to let go of the limi...

We live in a world where social media replaces calling old friends, where you can open your computer to a highlight reel of your friends lives, and where it becomes significantly easier than it was for our parents’ to harshly judge ourselves and our accomplishments. When you live in this world, it becomes normal to think that you aren’t good enough, you aren’t working hard enough...

There I was - a young adult who doesn't quite know what her place in the world looks like. I was awkward and unsure of who I was and what I wanted.

I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I criticized everything - from how I looked and stacked up in accomplishments all the way to what others were wearing, saying, and doing. It was not on purpose - don't get me wrong. By nature, I love...

We were raised to be humble, to be gracious and kind, and to never ever boast about how wonderful we are.  And so, we shrink ourselves. We play small in everything we do, for fear of upsetting those around us, worried that we might offend if we play big. By playing small though, we reinforce these lessons to all of those around us. We tell the young women in our life that they to...

We committed to one week of #positivevibes as a gift to ourselves, as a chance to celebrate the wonderful things this world has to offer. We pushed ourselves to eliminate complaints, judgments, and negativity. Though it wasn’t always easy, it was worth it. The effects and lessons learned along the way were worth the commitment.

what i learned when i committed to sharing #positivev...

Today, we are starting a #positivevibes challenge.  A challenge to ourselves to go one week without negativity. No complaints, no self-hate, no judgment. Just love and optimism.

Imagine being able to change the world – to have an impact on people you have never met, to help the people you love, and to make the world we live in a better place. Seem idealistic?

Guess what?! It is not...

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