If you've been on social media in the past two weeks, you've probably been inundated with thousands of ideas around goal setting, New Years Resolutions, and plans for radical life changes as a new year rolls in.

Whether your energy vibe is all about setting goals and smashing them, or you find this all rather exhausting and overwhelming, we are breaking down the need-to-know detai...

As time has gone on, I have grown more in touch with my emotions - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I used to avoid the extreme ends of the emotional spectrum - never too angry, too excited, or too saddened. I lived in the middle - a safe place where I could feel without reaching my peak of vulnerability; and actively avoided all people, circumstances, and experiences that would...

To my fellow ladies:

Forget what our society has told you. Release your mind of what social media makes you believe you should have. Let go of the longing to be enough.

For every mean girl, jackass guy, or collection of people who made you believe there is something wrong with you, I offer you the truth.

You are perfect. Just as you are. Yes, you have flaws and imperfections. But th...

Recently, I was blessed to sit in a room with a group of dynamic and brilliant women. Each woman was unique, linked to the others only by a commitment to spend the morning learning more about herself.

We began sharing our unique experiences and goals - drawing out, visioning, and chasing the lives our hearts were calling for.

As I looked around the room and listened to these women,...

Say goodbye to the voice that tells you aren't enough and own the life you've dreamed of with these tips.

You stand in front of the mirror every morning and stare back at your hopeful self. You think “when I lose 5 lbs, when these love handles finally disappear, when my abs are peaking out – then I will be happy”. I am here to ask you to stop waiting to be happy with your body. The truth is, no change to how our bodies look will ever bring real (& lasting) happiness! Sure – it might...

​You are beautiful.
Inside and out.
From within burns a fire
That lights up the night sky.
You bring peace where there is struggle,
and joy where there is sadness.

You are the best version of you,
Shining bright for all to see.
Let nobody kill that flame,
Nor darken your lively soul
Because you (yes you!) offer opportunity
Where all hope and possibility has been lost.

You, my dear,...

I recently stumbled upon a magnificent quote from a yoga instructor in New York. His words beautifully sum up the question that plagues so many of us.

What are we here for?

We are not here to make our strengths stronger. We are here to share them as gifts, while we lean in and strengthen our weaknesses.

- Rian Bodner

When we are not only aware of the strengths we were born with, bu...

We all have something we want in life - something that we dream of when we close our eyes each night. Yet for so many of us, that something is just a dream - out of reach, impossible, and a wouldn't it be nice type of thing. We all have excuses - reasons why it can't work, why now isn't the time, or why it just can't happen for us. Sometimes it's money, sometimes it's practicalit...

As a confidence coach, I specialize in helping my fellow ladies find their unique identity, creating healthier relationships with ourselves and the people in our lives. I am constantly inspired by the women I am fortunate to coach. When we step into who we are, we become fierce and begin to uncover possibilities and opportunities we previously thought impossible.

Here are three th...

Work, relationships, appearance, money – no matter what it is, society has trained us to believe that the more we have, the better off we are.

The result? This unrealistic and unending chase for more, in an effort to make ourselves feel worthy and accomplished. And this unrealistic chase manifests as unhappiness, sadness, and the exact opposite of the feeling that we were trying t...

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