The Benefits of Being Present

I was in a yoga class recently, bending and twisting to bring my body into a pose that I was once able to move into seamlessly. As I struggled to find my breathe, I found my mind racing and judging my muscles and joints because I was unable to find what I once so easily achieved. In my moment of struggle and negative self-talk, the beautiful person leading the class quietly whispered “be present, be here in this moment and nowhere else. Let go of the past and find peace in the unknown of the future.” Truth, my soul sister. The benefits of living in the present moment: If we let our minds (and more specifically, our ego) run wild, it will linger on the things we cannot change or the impending

An invitation to stand into YOU

Think about a hobby/habit that you have worked at bringing into your life. Maybe it's a recent commitment to running daily, or a long held desire and effort to eat healthy and fuel your body right. Or, perhaps it's nothing health-related, but rather a new instrument that you're learning to play. Now, think back to a time when someone noticed your commitment to this new habit and had the boldness to recognize you as an 'expert' of that habit. Stranger: Wow! You must be a runner? Nice person at your office: I am so impressed by your eating habits. I wish I was as disciplined as you. New person you're meeting at a bar: You sound like you're a yogi, very cool! [Insert your experience here] Ho

Manifesting your dreams into reality

Do you know what you want? What your wildest goal and desire might be? Put it out into the world and watch how the world will begin to move and mix to bring things to life. Now, I am not suggesting that the world will just magically produce every wish you’ve ever had. And it definitely won’t happen over night just because you said “I will…(insert wildest goal here)” Truth is, it takes much more work on your end. But I can promise it is worth it. Find your deepest desire. Announce what you TRULY want and make a plan. By setting goals and starting your own actions of movement, you will send energy out into the world. With commitment and a plan of motion, there is an energy of consequence, comm

How You Can Help Others Be Their Best

We were raised to be humble, to be gracious and kind, and to never ever boast about how wonderful we are. And so, we shrink ourselves. We play small in everything we do, for fear of upsetting those around us, worried that we might offend if we play big. By playing small though, we reinforce these lessons to all of those around us. We tell the young women in our life that they too should live to a fraction of their worth. And we tell our best friends, our sisters, and ourselves that our biggest, most beautiful, most vibrant versions of ourselves shouldn't be seen. That thought process ends here. From here on out, let it go. Playing small is serving no one - not you, not those around you, an

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