Learning to Love You, Too

There I was - a young adult who doesn't quite know what her place in the world looks like. I was awkward and unsure of who I was and what I wanted. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I criticized everything - from how I looked and stacked up in accomplishments all the way to what others were wearing, saying, and doing. It was not on purpose - don't get me wrong. By nature, I love everyone. And I hate judgment and inequality. And yet, when I really sat with myself, I noticed that the exact things I preached were the opposite of what was happening in my own head. By judging, I was making excuses and avoiding the truth. The moment that I realized the disconnect - between who I wanted to be and

Trusting in your Journey

Sometimes the universe works in magical ways to give you exactly what you need at the exact moment that you need it. Take this morning as an example – as I am getting ready to start a new chapter in my life, I open my daily meditation book to today’s excerpt, and from out of the pages comes the most brilliant and relevant message that I could ever ask for. Thank you, universe. Whether you are struggling with choices in work, in relationships, in school, or in your responsibilities, I hope this passage can bring to you some understanding and cast light on your challenges. Trust. Trust. Trust. Again and again, that’s the issue. See how much of your pain, your anguish, your tension arises simpl

Confidence, Questions, and Change

As a confidence coach, I specialize in helping my fellow ladies find their unique identity, creating healthier relationships with ourselves and the people in our lives. I am constantly inspired by the women I am fortunate to coach. When we step into who we are, we become fierce and begin to uncover possibilities and opportunities we previously thought impossible. Here are three things that I love the most about coaching clients. These moments are the birthplace of that fierceness that I mentioned a minute ago. These moments are available within all of us, and when they are harnessed, we become unstoppable. Who are you? We all have an answer to the typical "what do you do?" question. But aski

You are enough.

Work, relationships, appearance, money – no matter what it is, society has trained us to believe that the more we have, the better off we are. The result? This unrealistic and unending chase for more, in an effort to make ourselves feel worthy and accomplished. And this unrealistic chase manifests as unhappiness, sadness, and the exact opposite of the feeling that we were trying to find. Chasing worthiness through abundance will leave you feeling unworthy. Shift your thinking and reallocate your goals. Realize that the opposite of being inadequate is being enough. Embrace that the desired outcome is not to have everything, but rather to be satisfied with who you are and what you have. Unders

Fall Reset: 5 Questions for Awe-Inspiring Change

Fall is just around the corner! This season is my favourite, not just because of the perfect latte weather, beautiful leaves, and the cute outfits that can be worn sans-sweat-dripping-down-the-face, but also because its represents a time of change and transformation. For the little ones, fall means back-to-school and fresh starts - new clothes, new friends, and new learning. But this beautiful opportunity for growth doesn't have to be just for the little ones! Fall is my favourite time to reflect on where I have been and where I want to go (even more so than New Years!). If there's a habit you've been meaning to implement, a project you've been pushing off starting, or just generally wantin

The Power of Friendships

Friendships are a powerful thing. As humans, they are a vital part of what it means to live in the world. They connect us, ground us, humble us, and teach us about what it means to be a person. From the very beginning of our time on the earth, we are connected to people - and as soon as we begin to develop our independence, it is through relationships with friends that we learn our limits, set our boundaries, and define our experience with the world. So much of growing up is done with our friends. And while 'growing up' is definitely supported by the guidance and nurturing from our parents and elders, the experiences that shape us and lessons that we learn most often come in the form of dec

Courage & the gift that gives back

I recently celebrated my birthday; a turn of time which marked a pretty special year for me. This past year was a time of growth and the realization of what I believe I was uniquely put on this earth to accomplish. Coming into touch with who I am and what my gifts are made this year special, and leaves me with plenty of excitement as I move into the next year of my life. In marking the start of the next chapter, one of my girlfriends gave me a gift containing a beautiful necklace marked with the word 'courage'. This beautiful piece is part of The Giving Keys collection. The concept of this stunning necklace is that you wear your key proudly, living out the word on your key to your fullest ex

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