The Truth About Your Humanity

Recently, I was blessed to sit in a room with a group of dynamic and brilliant women. Each woman was unique, linked to the others only by a commitment to spend the morning learning more about herself. We began sharing our unique experiences and goals - drawing out, visioning, and chasing the lives our hearts were calling for. As I looked around the room and listened to these women, it suddenly became clear that there was far more linking us than our love to learn and create. No matter where we are in life, what we are chasing, or how many successes or failures we've seen, we realized that in the truth of it all, each of us are alike. To be human is to be in constant evolution - to grow and t

When you think you can't, DO.

Clammy hands, heart beating a little faster, dry mouth…… and I volunteered for this??? Yes. I’m going to give a presentation to a room full of my peers, a room full of managers, who, for the most part, have been in this organization longer than I have been in work. But. I won’t let my nerves get the better of me. I’m only human, I am having those thoughts, “what if I trip over?”, “what if I say the wrong thing?”, “what if someone asks me a question and I don’t know the answer?”. However, I volunteered for a reason. I want to grow. I know my subject, I am always prepared, and deep down I know I can do it. Hell, deep down I know I am actually good at it. So off I go, and I do what I came to d

Claiming your confidence

What is it to be confident? At its core, confidence is the outward appearance of internal courage. It is finding the fire within yourself to face your fears; to step, dive or fall right into your discomfort. It is making the choice to move forward, while trusting that the universe will have your back. To be confident is to make the bold decision to do that which scares you. It is to trust your heart, push past the sweaty palms and butterflies, and step directly into the thing that will let you move forward. Confidence is not an end destination. It is a relentless pursuit; a constant choice. What we see when we look at people we view as confident is a person who seems unphased and unafraid. B

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