As we undergo growth, development, and change, we are constantly making decisions – choices that may influence the rest of our lives. As you embark down your path – career, spiritual, health, or otherwise – remember this brilliant piece of advice below.

With every decision we make, we should consider what the long-term implications are.

Is this change going to take me away from who I want to be?

Will it bring me temporary happiness or lead towards lifelong bliss?

There is no doubt that you will constantly evolve yourself and change how the world sees you – but one thing will always remain true. Your self will always be a part of you – unchanging.

Nourish it, nurture it, and let it lead to you a lifetime of security, passion, and integrity.

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Sometimes you pass by things hundreds of times and never notice them. Then all of the sudden, something grabs your attention and your life is forever changed. Meet the Holstee Manifesto. I’d guess it probably looks familiar to you. Me too. Today, I read it for the first time.

And my life will be forever changed.

“Travel Often. Getting lost will help you find yourself”

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​Even with the best intentions, some days no matter how positively you start the day, you wind up grumpy, angry, hurt, or disappointed by the time you get to lunch…or dinner if you are lucky.

One of the hardest things to recognize is the root of our negative feelings, and even harder is making the effort to overcome the negativity once it has set in. Truth is: 90% of the time our negative feelings and frustrations come from those around us – someone caused us more work, said something that bothered us, or didn’t treat us with respect.

The bad news – no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to avoid these situations.

The great news – you have the power to choose how they impact you. The next time you find yourself irritated or hurt by someone else, breathe and let it go. Realize it is not personal, but rather their ego acting in a way that hurts yours.

Separate from the feelings and tune in on how you want to feel. By thinking about how you WANT to feel, you will manifest awesome and move past shitty.

With love. <3

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