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You stand in front of the mirror every morning and stare back at your hopeful self. You think “when I lose 5 lbs, when these love handles finally disappear, when my abs are peaking out – then I will be happy”. I am here to ask you to stop waiting to be happy with your body. The truth is, no change to how our bodies look will ever bring real (& lasting) happiness! Sure – it might make us happy for some amount of time, but soon enough we will find something else that needs to be improved.

The problem is that society has us convinced that people with perfect bodies are the happiest, the most capable, the most loved. The truth? Not this!

While some with your “ideal” body type might be happy, there are even more that aren’t – because they too are finding things that could be better. It is a negative cycle that our minds play, where we seek out things that aren’t perfect.

We obsess and our egos tell us that we aren’t worth as much as others yet, but when we get the perfect external appearance we will be. Our egos create excuses to explain why we aren’t at our best in other areas of life.

The REAL truth? Happiness with your body doesn’t come from a scale or measurements. It comes from loving your body for what it is. Find love for the body parts that you used to pick out with disgust. Accept your body as it is, and then show it how much you love it by treating it with love, respect, and commitment.

That’s right – treat your body like you would treat a partner.

When you love your body, show it affection, and commit to keeping it at its best; then you will find the happiness you’ve been looking for.

Six months ago, I struggled to look in the mirror and not find something that could be better. I wished my legs were smaller, my stomach tighter, my arms more toned. I was exercising and eating well, but could never seem to be happy with the person I looked at every day. So I took a mental overhaul. Every day since then, I have started my mornings reminding myself what I love about my body. I used to hate my legs – now I am thankful that they are able to take me where I want to go. I remind myself every day that I love that my body moves me, that it allows me to interact with the world and express myself. And today, six months later, I can finally say that I love my body. And because I love it, I work hard and eat well. I commit over an hour a day to treating my body with respect. And because of that, I am happier (and for what it’s worth, my body is starting to look the way I used to always wish it would).

You will find pride in your efforts to stay focused, excitement in the potential of your physical and mental self, and unconditional love in the power of you.

Your body may be perfect some days. Other days it may not be. But love it just the same and because you love it, commit to it.

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Just as we can be sure that the sun will awake us each day, we can be sure that we are deserving of love, respect, and beauty.

You deserve:

eye contact smiles in the morning food made with pure intention clean drinking water, fresh air Hello, Please, Thank You time to think about it a chance to show them what you’re made of a second chance an education health care, including dental multiple orgasms weekends off eight hours of sleep play before work to change your mind to say no to say yes to have your deepest needs met to be seen to be loved for who you really are

You deserve all of this – and more – just because you showed up to life.

Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map

Don’t feel guilty. Don’t question whether you deserve it. Instead, embrace the gifts that you are given as a human being and help connect those around you with the same opportunities. Focus on bringing some of these things into your life (even if just for a fleeting moment) – GUILT-FREE – and watch how they make you feel.

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We live in a world of social sharing and growing expectations.

We load ourselves with long to-do lists and hold ourselves at remarkably high standards.

And, we watch as the people we know share photos, stories, and posts about the awesome things happening in their lives.

And then, no matter how hard we try, we find ourselves feeling ‘not good enough.’

It is time to let go of the limiting voice of ‘not good enough’.

Give rise to the voice of the best you – the one that recognizes the many responsibilities you balance eloquently, the effort you put into each day, and the incredible value that you bring. You are brilliant and powerful. You are a living example of what it means to be strong and courageous. In giving life your all, you are inspiring and giving light to those around you to do the same. You are good enough – you are great.

Regardless of what you see around you, remember that everyone has their own truth – their own circumstances, sacrifices, and struggles.
Where you are today is uniquely yours, and it is right where you need to be.

Your spirit deserves to be reminded of its brilliance, so recognize it each day. In giving your spirit acknowledgement of its greatness, it will shine through to quiet the voice of ‘not good enough’.

Go one further. Stand in knowing that you are not alone in how you feel – it is within each of us. Uplift the people around you by reminding them of their own brilliance. Shine a light of reassurance, and in turn, a light will shine on you. When we lift each other up and recognize one another’s efforts and successes, we give volume to the voice of possibility and effort, and close out the voice of self-judgment and “not enough”.

I challenge you to take a moment this week and tell 5 people in your life what it is that you appreciate about what they do.

I appreciate that you are giving of your valuable time to learn and improve yourself. Your commitment to yourself gives light and inspiration to those around you. xo

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