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Meet Alice & Molly

Meet Alice & Molly - the soulful minds behind The Connection Corner & now part of our Inspired Tribe.

These two radiant ladies are the beautiful humans behind The Connection Corner - a space for fierce female friendship and sharing inspiring, honest, and vulnerable stories about ladies from all over the world. We were instantly drawn to these two from the moment we found The Connection Corner and we think you will love them too! Read on and learn more about their vision for our world, their love for donuts, and witness the beautiful power of their authenticity.


Alice (A): When asked to describe herself, one of the lovely women we featured on our website (Kathleen) said this: ‘Describing myself is tough, as I am still learning to be the best spokesperson for myself’.

I have never related to a sentence more in my life. I feel like I’m just Alice. How do I describe myself in a way that doesn’t make people want to punch themselves in the face? I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a partner, a teacher, a friend, an aunt, a food lover, a yogi. I am anxious, I am motivated, I am relaxed, I am curious. I love cheese more than my family. I feel most calm when I’m on my yoga mat. I feel most excited when I’m teaching. I love my nephew so much it physically hurts. I hate televisions even though I’m 150% obsessed with the cooking channel. I listen to podcasts all day long. I love mangoes.

Molly (M): When I think of who I am in the world and who I show up as, it differs from day to day. Some days I am vibrant and feel so fucking alive and ready for anything, and other days I crave solitude evenings spent in my apartment listening to songs that make me cry. But - what I do know for sure, and what I hold true is this : I am a catalyst for goodness. I look for it everywhere I go, and carry it with me as a constant. I remind myself to plant these seeds wherever the soil is rich, and where the ground is deeply dry and forgotten about. My aim above all is to bring some sort of light to those I am in contact with, and for that light to keep spilling out of all of us, into every corner of every space. I believe in endless possibility, in really warm embraces, in skinny dipping, in good carrot cake, and living a bold life - unique to each. So, who am I? I am a woman, connection and community obsessed, and just super into this wild thing called life.


A: I have two wild goals. The first is to see our website grow. Magazine? A podcast? Both? We want it to continue to serve as a way for people to connect with themselves, and with each other. A way to share stories that aren’t just the glossy highlights we see on Instagram and Facebook. Molly and I have the immense privilege of being able to share the stories of amazing women on the website, but how cool would it be to see it grow into something far bigger than what we had ever imagined. It has already surpassed our expectations, and we can’t wait to see where we can go with it.

My other wild goal is to build my own house. I have spent years (literally) planning my perfect space. I feel like a house isn’t just place you come to sleep. It’s the area of space you create that is uniquely yours. I want a functional and beautiful space that is full of light and sun, with high ceilings and dark wooden floors. One day.


M: My wildest goal is to see The Connection Corner grow and blossom into it’s full potential. I believe in this little love project Alice and I have going, with my whole heart. The goal is to pick it up off my coffee table and flip through it every month as a magazine, printed with all earth-friendly practices in place, and just bursting with goodness. It’s a mecca for inspiration and creativity from individuals of all backgrounds and walks of life. It serves as a tool for people to connect to themselves and what they can relate to in each story, photograph or thought that forms in their brilliant brain. When they’re done flipping through the pages, the book closes, but their hearts and minds are left more open than previously. They feel a pull to connect to everything around them. That’s my wildest goal, and it’s going to happen, so stay tuned world.




A: At the moment my greatest challenge is adjusting. Adjusting to the changes that come with finishing a degree, adjusting to plans that change, adjusting to life as an adult. I spent years feeling like I wanted to get out of this country as soon as I could. I felt like travelling the world and having no responsibilities was interesting, and exciting, and romantic. I wanted to be anywhere but home. Now I’m adjusting to the idea that home is not only where I need to be right now, it’s where I really want to be. Having expectations and responsibilities all of a sudden feels safe and grounding, not restrictive and suffocating. I’m adjusting to the feeling of enjoyment that comes from routine. Maybe it came with age, or experience, or the people in my life but I feel very settled, and I like it.

M: Calming the urge to get all crazy eyed when I see someone at the grocery store put their bananas into a shitty plastic bag. (Seriously, if this is you - please stop.) Nah, there’s bigger challenges. Currently - it’s finding the space within myself to accept things that don’t always sit well with my soul. It’s really hard for me to watch intentional destruction to our planet. I can’t bear listening to words that slice right through someone’s self worth, or watch someone energetically close down because of what another has done to them. I’m kinda that chick from Mean Girls who says “I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.” I really do think the world just needs a massive group hug, and to wake up to the fact that we are all One, we are all interconnected. It’s a challenge for me to sit on my couch in a room that has light and heating, and read about a family that has nothing, and feel so much sadness and despair. I have to remind myself a lot that while I can’t alter every injustice of the world, I can do my part and do it with every fibre of my being though, and that is something.


A: I can tell when my life is out of balance when I am texting Molly constantly asking her what should I wear, should I go out tonight, are those moles on my back suspicious looking, should I go to the doctor, do I have melanoma? I basically can’t make any decisions on my own. I feel overwhelmed and unenthusiastic at the same time. It happens when I say yes to everything, and put the needs of others before my own. My to do list becomes bigger than I can cope with, and I freak the fuck out. There are a few things that help rescue me out of my state of stress panic mania: yoga, quietness, a bath, and ripping up the to do list. Life can wait.


M: I know my life is out of balance when I’m a total fuckshow. Well, that’s how I feel internally anyways. Like everything is spinning way too fast and I can’t keep up no matter how hard I try. This happens when I’m not putting my health and wellbeing first, when I overcommit, when I forget about the relationships in my life that nurture me, and when I don’t make time to get quiet and centered with myself. What brings me back to a state of balance? I get outside, I lay on the Earth and I breathe. I say no to things. I say yes to things. On some days, I cry and let the feels do their thing, then I make a list of importance. Like, the real deal shit. Not the to-do list that might be throwing me off, but a list of soul vitamins to make me feel good as gold again. It’s usually a bath with essential oils, and dancing around the room, and plants. Always plants.


A: Being quite an anxious person, the biggest lesson I have had to learn is simply that it is all going to be okay. I have had to tell myself this countless times ...everything is exactly how it needs to be right in this moment and it is all okay. It’s okay to cry because you read an article about a couple who have been together for 80 years. It’s okay that you haven’t done washing in four weeks and have to re-wear your dirty underwear. It’s okay to send your best friend 543 texts during the day because you can’t function on your own. It’s okay that you changed your outfit four times before leaving the house and you still feel like a potato with eyes. It’s okay.  

M: I am a full believer in authenticity - so I’ll share my lesson that I have had to learn and unlearn many times over and over, and it continues to show up in new ways all the time. Be who you are, with boldness and grace and passion. When you feel like you’ve lost sight of you - change directions, find her again. She’s there, always. Every human beings uniqueness is what makes each of us so divine, so please do not put any boxes or constraints around who you should be. Talk to people, listen to their stories, look for inspiration always. What lights you up? What’s the vision you have for your deliciously juicy time on Earth? Align with that, live into that, and don’t forget to dance instead of walk sometimes, because having fun is an important lesson in itself.

A: Taking care of myself looks different each day, and I’m still learning how to listen to my mind and body to judge what I need in the moment. Some days I need to be left in solitude, in my quiet apartment, listening to the birds and laying in the sun. Other days I need to be surrounded by people and noise and busyness. It’s taken me a long time to understand that caring for myself, and putting my needs before others isn’t necessarily selfish. If I need to say no to family dinner because I need to stay in bed and watch old episodes of Gray’s Anatomy, then that’s what I need to do.

M: Every morning, the first things I do goes a little somethin’ somethin’ like this : I look outside. I breathe in the sky. I stay next to the warmth of my love for a little bit longer. I set my intention for the day (today it was ‘generate joyfulness’). I then scrape my tongue (on the real, everyone needs to get into this!), drink a whole lot of water, and start brewing some beans. Seriously, I get so much satisfaction from the simple act of making and enjoying a cup of coffee. I read this quote once that was about presence .. “Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves — slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.” I really like that.


A: It definitely depends on the day. Some days I feel like all I want to go to the gym and be sweaty, other days I want to walk on the beach or go to yoga. Without a doubt though, yoga is my absolute go to. It gives me the feeling of lightness, and I always leave class feeling like I am capable of everything.

M: I love movement. It feels good in my body and mind, and the more and more I get in tune with myself and listen to the deep, innate wisdom that resides in my body - the better I become overall. So I know now what to listen for and what my body is needing at a certain time. Every day, it’s yoga. Whether that’s a sweat dripping from all pores power vinyasa class, or a restorative and restful yin - I know how much my yoga practices nourishes every part of me, not just my physical body. Gosh, it’s SO much deeper than that. In addition to yoga, I love to be on a bike. In summer, I clear my mind and smile like a fool just by hopping onto my bike. During the winter, you can find me at indoor cycle classes with sweat dripping from all pores, jamming out to Chance the Rapper. I also really enjoy barre and pilates. There’s a beauty in that conscious alignment and awareness of body. Swimming, most preferably in the ocean lights up my whole soul. Anytime I can do some hiking, I’m all in. I volunteer for an organization that empowers young girls to find a form of movement that works for them. Not everyone will be super into training for a half marathon. And not everyone is going to be super stoked on pilates. And it’s all good - find something that speaks to you, and provides you with a more clear head space. That’s how you know it’s your jam.


A: Happiness comes from tiny moments in the day. Waking up in the morning, opening the curtains and watching the sky from bed. Playing with my nephew, and watching him grow. Cooking, and sharing meals with my favourite people. Coming home to the person I love each day. Feeling the sun on my skin, and swimming in the ocean. Living makes me happy.

M: Happiness … oh man. You know when you look around a room, or are in the midst of conversation, or laying in the grass by yourself looking at the sky and you feel this full bodied sensation fill all your pores? It’s as if a wave washes through you and leaves you with sparkling eyes, an open heart, and a more attuned sense of self. That’s happiness to me. I find it in different scenarios every single day. It’s not anything materialistic or tangible. It’s a feeling. And it’s the best damn feeling around. So be it, and spread it like wildfire baby.

Instagram: @theconnectioncorner | Alice: @alicebrose | Molly: @mollyjeanine

Alice and Molly - your authenticity is beautiful, and your commitment to building radiant and powerful connections between women is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your honest light with the world - keep glowing!

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"Be who you are, with boldness and grace and passion.

When you feel like you’ve lost sight of you - change directions, find her again.

She’s there, always."

- Molly

"I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a partner, a teacher, a friend, an aunt, a food lover, a yogi..."

- Alice

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