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Today, we are starting a #positivevibes challenge. A challenge to ourselves to go one week without negativity. No complaints, no self-hate, no judgment. Just love and optimism.

Imagine being able to change the world – to have an impact on people you have never met, to help the people you love, and to make the world we live in a better place. Seem idealistic?

Guess what?! It is not! It starts with you..and it starts with the little things that you can easily control.

what’s the challenge?

  • One week.

  • Free from complaining. Free from being negative. Free of judgment.

  • Filled with positivity. Filled with optimism. Filled with kindness.

  • We aren’t perfect, so you might have some slips – especially in the beginning. Notice it, breathe, and remind yourself of how much more awesome the world will be if you spread #positivevibes

  • Share on social media, share with friends and family, and connect with us on social media to show how you are spreading #positivevibes – let’s create a community of awesome

why #positivevibes?

Because it has become really easy for us to find things to be unhappy about – the news is filled with sad and violent stories, social media has made it all too easy to think our lives are sub-par to our peers, and our society has made it far too easy to loom on the hard things and it’s time to bring something else in.

Because we wake up every day, we have breathe, we have opportunity – and we are damn lucky to have those things, so we must remind ourselves and celebrate them!

Because finding the positive can do more for the body than any diet can – radiate, radiate, radiate! A beautiful smile will spread happiness, health, and strength.

Because spreading #positivevibes starts with you!

We would love for you to join the awesome train and rock #positivevibes with us. Together, we can help spread some good energy, smiles, and happiness into the people around us.

Ready. set. share!

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