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What 7 days of happy, healthy, & awesome teach you

We committed to one week of #positivevibes as a gift to ourselves, as a chance to celebrate the wonderful things this world has to offer. We pushed ourselves to eliminate complaints, judgments, and negativity. Though it wasn’t always easy, it was worth it. The effects and lessons learned along the way were worth the commitment.

what i learned when i committed to sharing #positivevibes for a week:

  • There is something to smile about in every day

  • The world goes on no matter how you feel

  • Strangers are surprised by smiles

  • Holding doors open for others warms your heart

  • In giving, you receive – WAY more than you put out

  • Human emotions are contagious!

  • Which means …complaining casts a cloud on those around you (who knew!)

  • And…your happiness and love will manifest in others

  • Your body loves positive energy

  • Your stress decreases (less stress = less cortisol = less weight gain!)

  • The universe recognizes your efforts; and WILL reward you

  • The day goes by quicker

  • Your relationships are better for it

  • The mind can control your enjoyment

  • …so those tasks you dislike doing aren’t so bad

  • You can control your mind and thoughts

  • You make new, unexpected friends

  • You feel more beautiful

  • The song “I’m Walking on Sunshine” was onto something

  • It gives you the chance to BE who you truly are

Spending a day, a week, or a lifetime committed to positivity can be a challenge in today’s world. We are so bombarded with negativity, socialized by bad news, insecurity, and tragedy. By making an effort to undo what you have been taught, you will help your body, mind, soul, and neighbours. By committing to positivity, you will put positive vibes into the world. What you give, you receive and you deserve nothing less than awesome.

Missed the challenge? Check it out. Took part in the challenge? What did you learn?

Take a day and radiate!

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