• Rebecca

Finding strength in the best place

We so often forget that our greatest strength is within ourselves.

When something challenges us, hurts us, or scares us, we most often look for external support. We asks our partners, our friends, our coaches, or complete strangers for advice and guidance. We cling to something or someone in hopes that their advice and strength will pull us through.

Yet, while that support can feel comforting and necessary in times of stress, we must train ourselves to stop looking outwards and start looking within.

Sit quietly and dig deep within you – you have the power and the strength to conquer even your darkest fears. You have helped so many others in your lifetime with getting through their struggles.

Gather that same energy – the strength, wisdom, and compassion – and channel it.

Ground yourself. Dig deep; find your strength.

You have everything you need to climb that mountain, to mend your hurting heart, and get back up. You can be your greatest support.


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