• Rebecca

Questions you should be asking yourself

It becomes so easy to do what you are doing because it’s safe – because that’s what you’ve always done, and you aren’t sure what might happen if you do something different…especially as life progresses and you find yourself with responsibilities, financial obligations, and dependents.

This week, we are asking you to take 10 minutes to sit with yourself and listen to the voice inside your head.

What is it telling you?

Perhaps it is encouraging you to make small changes (eat better, spend more time with family, spend more time at work), or perhaps it’s encouraging you to make a wild life change. Just sit and listen to what your voice is telling you.

What would life look like if you listened?

What is the best thing that can come from it?

What is the worst?

Your inner voice is controlled by your burning desires. It is the world trying to reach through your ego to help you find contentment and happiness. Listen in close and entertain what it is saying. It just might be the best thing you’ve ever done.

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