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An invitation to stand into YOU

Think about a hobby/habit that you have worked at bringing into your life.

Maybe it's a recent commitment to running daily, or a long held desire and effort to eat healthy and fuel your body right. Or, perhaps it's nothing health-related, but rather a new instrument that you're learning to play.

Now, think back to a time when someone noticed your commitment to this new habit and had the boldness to recognize you as an 'expert' of that habit.

Stranger: Wow! You must be a runner? Nice person at your office: I am so impressed by your eating habits. I wish I was as disciplined as you. New person you're meeting at a bar: You sound like you're a yogi, very cool! [Insert your experience here]

How did you feel? What did you say?

Listen carefully to the voices in your head as you are seen for who you are and the hard work that you have been putting in. Maybe you find yourself surprised, caught off guard, or...if you're like me, maybe you find yourself quickly responding with a flustered excuse ("well, I mean.. I try, but I wouldn't say I am any good").

Why are we so timid to stand in a bold and beautiful description of who we are?

We work so hard and pour our heart into learning, changing, and growing. We put in time and make sacrifices to improve. And yet, just when the world takes notice of our efforts, we shrink.

The minute someone labels us as the person we were aspiring to be, the embarrassed voice in our head (the ego) shows up to belittle our efforts.

The ego is jealous, insecure, and afraid. It works tirelessly to avoid feeling vulnerable. It tries to keep us safe by encouraging us to play small. So in the very moment that you are seen for your efforts, your ego is sensing vulnerability and growth.

It speaks up to 'protect' you....or at least that's what it THINKS it is doing. But in truth, it is holding you back and causing you doubt. It is pushing you to feel like a fraud; not good enough to be deserving of such a title.

The next time someone recognizes the person you are working to become, pause to acknowledge the ego. But then remember all of the hours you put in and the things you have sacrificed to adopt your new habit. Rather than make excuses or discredit your hard work, take a breathe and say thank you. Take ownership of the incredible human that you are and thank the person seeing you for you. Send gratitude for their belief in your efforts and desire.

Stand in your greatness and appreciate their bold tenacity to see you as you are.

Because the truth is - if you won't take ownership and pride in who you are and what you've accomplished then no one else will.

The opportunity to celebrate your awesomeness is yours and yours alone. You may not be exactly where you want to be yet, but you are further than you were yesterday. And that is nothing short of absolutely awesome.

So yes, you are a ... [insert that bold and scary title here]!

We dare you to be bold and leave a comment telling us who you are!

With love <3

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