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The Benefits of Being Present

I was in a yoga class recently, bending and twisting to bring my body into a pose that I was once able to move into seamlessly. As I struggled to find my breathe, I found my mind racing and judging my muscles and joints because I was unable to find what I once so easily achieved. In my moment of struggle and negative self-talk, the beautiful person leading the class quietly whispered “be present, be here in this moment and nowhere else. Let go of the past and find peace in the unknown of the future.”

Truth, my soul sister.

The benefits of living in the present moment:

If we let our minds (and more specifically, our ego) run wild, it will linger on the things we cannot change or the impending moments that we cannot control. The ego thrives off of comparison, growing when it feels that it is greater than others, and feeling belittled and enraged when it is reminded of its inadequacies. When the ego is in control of your mind, it will focus on the past, comparing the now to the “once a upon a time”; then jumping to the future, wondering what will come next. While it does its dance with the devil of lost time, you inevitably miss out on the present.

Taking control of the beast and finding beauty in the present moment will quiet the ego, lower your stress and anxiety, and leave you free to enjoy the minutes that your life provides you. When you live here, in the now, in the moments as they come and go, a sense of peace and self-confidence will arise. You will come to know and find comfort in knowing that while you cannot change what has already happened nor control what lies ahead, you can embrace and take the most out of ever moment that you do have. You will find confidence in everything you do, because there will be no fear of what may happen and no judgment of how you might stack up to the past. You will be left with you, living through situations, circumstances, and experiences as they happen. You will be able to breathe.

Tips to help you BE PRESENT:

  1. When you find yourself thinking about the past or contemplating the future, stop your mind. Take a deep inhale and exhale and focus on the movement of your breathe. Repeat 5-10 times, or until you feel your mind focusing on the present and forgetting about your other thoughts.

  2. Every morning, before you begin your day, repeat the following mantra 6 times, while sitting quietly: I cannot control the past or present. I can only live in the moments as they come.

  3. Invest in a piece of jewellery (or cellphone case, etc. – anything that you will see throughout the day) to act as a reminder to be present. Bracelets are a great way to trigger yourself to focus on the present as they will catch your attention at different times throughout the day.

Wishing you peace and presence, with love <3

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