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Courage & the gift that gives back

I recently celebrated my birthday; a turn of time which marked a pretty special year for me. This past year was a time of growth and the realization of what I believe I was uniquely put on this earth to accomplish. Coming into touch with who I am and what my gifts are made this year special, and leaves me with plenty of excitement as I move into the next year of my life.

In marking the start of the next chapter, one of my girlfriends gave me a gift containing a beautiful necklace marked with the word 'courage'. This beautiful piece is part of The Giving Keys collection. The concept of this stunning necklace is that you wear your key proudly, living out the word on your key to your fullest expression. And then, when you feel it is time, you pass it along to someone you feel could use it more than you. You pay it forward.

I am in LOVE with this company. They provide a second chance for people overcoming homelessness. They spread compassion and connection. And they are rooted in a beautiful story (by an uber-talented female leader). This is a beautiful gift idea for anyone you love, wish to thank, or want to recognize. Not only is it a fabulous addition to anyone's jewelry collection, but it also encourages and inspires personal development and mindfulness in the person you gift it to. They have a beautiful collection to suit many different styles, and you can choose from one of their words, or customize a key with a word of your choice.

​Now that I have shared with you how much I love my key, it is time to ​​embrace my word. This year, I will wear 'courage' proudly. I will be courageous and take chances, follow my heart and bring to the world everything that I have to share. And with that, I am sending you the vibes of courageousness as well. Because no matter where we are in life, we could also use a dose of that wild push to take chances, make mistakes, and fly.

The ability to do what frightens one, The strength to challenge the norm. Within each of us lies that fire; Waiting to be sparked, to be unleashed.

They say nothing worth having comes easy And let me tell you, ain't that true. But if we are really going to live, and never look back Then lets make the most of the short time we have.

This life is yours, belonging only to you And with the time you're given, you can choose Whether to live like a roaring lion Or play it safe, keeping risk at bay.

May you find the power to roar, The strength to lift away that which stops you, The knowledge of love to support you, And the courage to go where your heart may lead.

With love and courage. <3

Have you gifted a Giving Key to someone, or have your own? Share with us what it meant to you!

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