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Confidence, Questions, and Change

As a confidence coach, I specialize in helping my fellow ladies find their unique identity, creating healthier relationships with ourselves and the people in our lives. I am constantly inspired by the women I am fortunate to coach. When we step into who we are, we become fierce and begin to uncover possibilities and opportunities we previously thought impossible.

Here are three things that I love the most about coaching clients. These moments are the birthplace of that fierceness that I mentioned a minute ago. These moments are available within all of us, and when they are harnessed, we become unstoppable.

Who are you?

We all have an answer to the typical "what do you do?" question. But asking someone who they are reveals the layers that make up a person. As we ponder the question, we begin to shed light on the complex human being that we are. Asking 'who are you' gives you the opportunity to claim the space that you WISH to take up, the dreams that you have, and to share the things that really make you a person. What we do for work only describes how we spend our time. Working through the 'who are you' gives us the opportunity to define who we want to be in this world.

Finding new skills that you never knew you had

As kids, we are constantly growing and developing ourselves, learning how to do new things and building on what we are capable of. But somewhere along the way into adulthood, we stop learning and growing the way we once did. We mistakenly think that by the time we are adults, we must have gathered all the tools we need to get where we are going. Through coaching, we uncover new tools and skills that you never knew you had. Adding to our toolkit means that the challenges we once faced are now manageable, and the things we thought impossible have become possible.

The moment when change happens

Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut. We look at our lives and we realize that something isn't right - that maybe we don't love our job, or we aren't happy with our circumstances. But the expectations, needs, and realities of life can often make us feel stuck. When we dig through the 'stuckness,' we uncover information that helps us gain control. As we grow our confidence and awareness, we become active in our lives. As you unveil what you want and realize that you can have it, a moment of change occurs. It can be found in a word or utter silence, or in some cases, the change takes form as an unexpected action. In that moment, you realize that you are the author of your story, and the next chapter is yours to write.

Have questions about coaching? Looking to step into who you are and bring about change? Email us at itstartswithbe@gmail.com

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