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Trusting in your Journey

Sometimes the universe works in magical ways to give you exactly what you need at the exact moment that you need it.

Take this morning as an example – as I am getting ready to start a new chapter in my life, I open my daily meditation book to today’s excerpt, and from out of the pages comes the most brilliant and relevant message that I could ever ask for. Thank you, universe.

Whether you are struggling with choices in work, in relationships, in school, or in your responsibilities, I hope this passage can bring to you some understanding and cast light on your challenges.

Trust. Trust. Trust. Again and again, that’s the issue. See how much of your pain, your anguish, your tension arises simply from not trusting the absolute perfection of the present moment. I’ve lost my way. I’m off track. I’m somehow wrong – in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing. Where I am is a dead end.

You are not off track. You haven’t lost your way. You’re going somewhere worth going. Somewhere magnificent beyond the ability of your mind to comprehend. By trusting the perfection of each moment, you give yourself a gift: permission to enjoy the journey.

Don’t just take the trip Let yourself enjoy the ride.

-Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart

Trust that just as the universe brought you this post, it too will bring you to somewhere worth going.

Much love & happy travels

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