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Learning to Love You, Too

There I was - a young adult who doesn't quite know what her place in the world looks like. I was awkward and unsure of who I was and what I wanted.

I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I criticized everything - from how I looked and stacked up in accomplishments all the way to what others were wearing, saying, and doing. It was not on purpose - don't get me wrong. By nature, I love everyone. And I hate judgment and inequality. And yet, when I really sat with myself, I noticed that the exact things I preached were the opposite of what was happening in my own head. By judging, I was making excuses and avoiding the truth.

The moment that I realized the disconnect - between who I wanted to be and who I was - was an ugly one.

I felt more lost than ever. I felt defeated and left with one option - let the negativity out, and stop pretending to be a positive, loving person.

Perspective is a funny thing. How we choose to look at things controls the decisions we make. And while we are off making big choices because of the viewpoint we are stuck on, we fail to realize that changing perspectives is as easy as showing our brain what other views are available.

A quick reality check gave me a new perspective. It showed me that my judgment was coming from my own discomfort. And I learned that I need not be ruled by the negativity and self-judgment.

From here I saw that I have the power to decide how awesome I am, and given the choice, I choose awesome.

When I close my eyes and remember the moments when it came together for me, I am overwhelmed by emotion. In finding this place of self-love, I have lost my judgment both of myself and of others. I am living as the person I always wanted to be, and most importantly - I finally know what my place in the world looks like.

Self-love isn't always easy, but it is completely worth it.

Loving ourselves can be our greatest challenge. But when we do, we invite abundance into our lives.

Remember - there is literally no other person in this world who is you. You are the absolute perfect version of you, and no one can do that better. And what is not to love about that?

So, go be the beautiful, smart, and talented person that you were born to be. And remember, self-love and self-absorbed are not the same, but rather opposite ends of the spectrum. When we love ourselves in totality, we cannot be absorbed by our own existence. From a place of self-love, we can give all of ourselves to caring for others.

With (self)love <3

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