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Stop comparing & fall in love with you

We live in a world where social media replaces calling old friends, where you can open your computer to a highlight reel of your friends lives, and where it becomes significantly easier than it was for our parents’ to harshly judge ourselves and our accomplishments. When you live in this world, it becomes normal to think that you aren’t good enough, you aren’t working hard enough, or that you aren’t accomplishing enough. It’s time to face this head on: this thinking has got to go!

You are awesome! Only you were born with the unique DNA and qualities that you possess.Sure, other people might be able to do things similar to you. But only you have the exact perfect combination that makes up who you are. Embrace this, love it, and rock it. It’s nothing short of irrational and unfair to compare ourselves to others because truth is, we are all uniquely different.

This has been one of the biggest obstacles I have overcome in the last few years…recognizing that we all have our own unique talents and that only we can rock them. It took some work, but becoming aware of my talents, my flaws, and my unique ways of doing things has allowed me to stop playing the comparison game with everyone else, and instead play the “give it all we’ve got” game with myself. It’s a way better game, with a guaranteed pay off of happiness!

Find out what makes you, you. Fall in love with who you are. And rock that because no one else can …and the world won’t be totally awesome with YOU!

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