• Rebecca

Turning Dreams into Reality

We all have something we want in life - something that we dream of when we close our eyes each night. Yet for so many of us, that something is just a dream - out of reach, impossible, and a wouldn't it be nice type of thing. We all have excuses - reasons why it can't work, why now isn't the time, or why it just can't happen for us. Sometimes it's money, sometimes it's practicality, and other times its the voice that reminds us that only a small percent of people make their dreams reality and we're foolish to think ourselves as one of those.

What is your dream? What story do you tell yourself about why it can't happen?

We dream only that of which we want for ourselves. So then if we know what we want, why do we hold ourselves back? Why do we stop ourselves before we even try to reach out for what we want? Why do we hold back from what will fulfill us and bring us joy?

Our fear of vulnerability and risk is one of the greatest limiting factors for so many of us. It is the concern that if we try, we may fail. Or that if we reach for what it is that we want, we might not get it. As children, we learn the dangers of failing, of getting hurt, and of falling down. And by the time we are adults, we have developed shields to protect ourselves from the harsh realities of failure and let down. In some cases, this is a good thing. But in the case of getting where you want to go, it isn't always as helpful. Somewhere along the way of growing up, we become willing to trade our happiness for safety and protection. Somewhere along the way of becoming an adult, we become more content knowing that there is a possibility of something, rather than throwing caution into the wind and risking failure in an effort to achieve what we want.

Take ownership of your dream and realize what it is that is stopping you. Dissect the story you tell yourself about what is holding you back - cut the bullshit and ask yourself what it is that you truly fear. When we become aware of our vulnerabilities and concerns, we become more capable of taking control and reaching for our dreams.

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