• Rebecca

The Truth About Your Humanity

Recently, I was blessed to sit in a room with a group of dynamic and brilliant women. Each woman was unique, linked to the others only by a commitment to spend the morning learning more about herself.

We began sharing our unique experiences and goals - drawing out, visioning, and chasing the lives our hearts were calling for.

As I looked around the room and listened to these women, it suddenly became clear that there was far more linking us than our love to learn and create. No matter where we are in life, what we are chasing, or how many successes or failures we've seen, we realized that in the truth of it all, each of us are alike.

To be human is to be in constant evolution - to grow and to shrink, to make mistakes and to learn; to flow and expand. It is a dynamic and ever changing dance to make a mark on people, on a purpose, or on a place.

And yet despite each of us working through this messy dance, we're all living in a society that only rewards perfection. We are told that to be successful, we must get it right - our career, our choices, our relationships, our bodies. We are to be in perfect rhythm, never skipping a beat.

We filter the images we post. We calculate what we share with others. We respond to 'how are you' with"busy," as if it is a right of passage, legitimacy, and proof of pursuit.

But the truth is that no matter what we tell others, we can't avoid the missteps of life. What we truly experience, we hide and bury. We close up our experiences, and put up a facade. We make our dance look perfect, highlighting only that which is deemed beautiful, deleting all else that implicates our flaws. But inside, the reality of humanity still boils and brews.

I'm sharing this with you because you are not alone. We are with you. The women in that room, me here writing this, and all the people you come into contact with, we are all with you.

Our experiences might be different, but our truth is largely the same. We are all human and we are all hiding some parts of ourselves in an effort to please the world around us.

Sitting in the room, we began to vocalize the thoughts which most plague us.

You're not good enough. You don't deserve this. You are lazy. You are stupid. You are weak. You are too opinionated. You are a contradiction. You will fail. You are unreliable. You are not loved. You aren't pretty enough. You aren't smart enough.....

As the words escaped our lungs and hit the air, we gave life to who we really are. We became humans - real, messy, and connected. And in our connection and truth, we became liberated.

Liberate yourself from the depths and release the person deep inside of you.

You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are worthy. You are a gift to this world. And you are one of us - in connection, in community.

Only you have the power to let her shine, but know that in doing so, she will join a community of messy, beautiful, powerful, brilliant, worthy humans.



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