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Claiming your confidence

What is it to be confident?

At its core, confidence is the outward appearance of internal courage.

It is finding the fire within yourself to face your fears; to step, dive or fall right into your discomfort. It is making the choice to move forward, while trusting that the universe will have your back.

To be confident is to make the bold decision to do that which scares you. It is to trust your heart, push past the sweaty palms and butterflies, and step directly into the thing that will let you move forward.

Confidence is not an end destination. It is a relentless pursuit; a constant choice. What we see when we look at people we view as confident is a person who seems unphased and unafraid. But what is inside of them is a person actively choosing to stay on their edge.

Like learning anything, the more positive experiences we have, the more comfortable we become. But as we grow, we must continue to face our next fear; to make the decision that scares us - be it talking to strangers, public speaking, walking down the street, being seen naked in front of another human.

You have been courageous before, and you will be courageous again. Whatever it is that you wish you could approach with more confidence, know that the power to do it is in you. Connect to your core. Where have you been courageous? What fears have you faced in your life? Connect to that place and step in. You've got this.

You are courageous.

You are confident.

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